Applying for a PUC Lab Account

Steps to Take:

  1. Verify that you are eligible for an account.
    Eligibility Requirements are listed below.
  2. Read the PUC Lab Policies
  3. Fill out and submit the online Account Application Form.
    Or you can print out the formand bring to Mr. Brian Schriver in Room 366G, Bloomberg Center.
After your eligibility is verified, we'll enable your jcard to open the PUC lab door and enable you to log on to the PUC lab computers with your JHED credentials.

Eligiblility Requirements for a PUC Lab Account

To be eligible you need be an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University and either
  • a physics major;
  • enrolled in Introduction to Classical Physics,
  • enrolled in 171.201-202, or
  • enrolled in a junior- or senior-level physics course.

Graduate students may apply for a PUC account for use for the Advanced Laboratory Course or an ESL course. This account will work only on Advanced Lab and General Physics Lab computers.

Exceptions to the above may be granted at the descretion of the PUC Lab Systems Administrator.

Official PUC Lab Policies