Q. What printer is available for me to use?

A. puclp (, the main printer, is a color printer and also copies and scans documents to email. It is located in room 478C, in the hallway immediately below the PUC Lab Loft.

Photo of Printer inside Room 478C

(Photo of Printer)

Its hostname is The printer driver is installed on the PUC lab computers; instructions for installing this printer's driver onto your own computer are located at

Q. How do I use the printer/copier/scanner?
A. Instructions for using the printer are posted on the table right next to the printer. A copy is posted below, as well. Click on the image to enlarge the instructions.

(Instructions for using the printer/scanner/copier)

Q. The printer is out of paper or not working; or the door to 478C is locked. What do I do?
A. For puclp, contact the front desk in the main office (Room 366 Bloomberg; phone 410-516-7347).

How to print without installing the printer driver on your computer.
A. The printer can print PDF files from its web interface. Get your document in PDF form, and then go to Select "General User Login." Select "Direct Print." Follow the directions there for uploading your PDF document and printing it.