Location and Hours of Operation

The Physics Undergraduate Computer Lab is located on the 4th floor of Bloomberg Center in room 478, on the upper level, or mezzanine, of that room. Access is gained from the entrance to 478, by walking through the studio classroom in the front of 478 to the stairs that go up to the mezzanine. The room can be exited, but not entered, by either of the two exit doors located below the mezzanine. These exit doors must not be propped open; an alarm will sound if the door is held open more than 15 seconds or so.

If a class is in session when you want to visit the PUC lab, simply enter as usual and endeaver to be as unobtrusive as possible in crossing the room.

PUC Lab users are granted J-Card access to the PUC Lab, but are not issued a key to the entrance of the Bloomberg Center. As long as access to the building is granted, PUC Lab users have full access to the PUC Lab. On rare occasions the PUC Lab may by closed for an hour or so. Advance notice of these occasions will be sent by email to PUC Lab users and posted in writing on the door to the PUC Lab.