PUC Lab Policies

General Procedures and Policies

  1. Data Security--You are responsible for backing up your files, data, and programs. The Department does not assume responsibility for lost data.

  2. Logoff--Remember to logoff when leaving.

  3. Lights Out--Remember to turn off the lights in the PUC lab if you are the last person to leave the lab.

  4. Cleanliness--Food and drinks are NOT allowed in the lab. Wash your hands before using the computers.

  5. Usage Priorities--Students doing coursework for "Introduction to Classical Physics" have the highest priority. Students using Mathematica for course-work have second priority. All others have third priority. If the computer lab is full, users of lesser priority must yield to those with higher priority.

  6. Facility--PUC Lab users must respect Room 478 and the equipment within. Please do not disturb any equipment that is not yours. This applies particularly to any equipment in the downstairs part of the room.

  7. Manuals--Do not remove any books or manuals, e.g., Interactive Physics, Mathematica, or Maple manuals, from the lab.

  8. Account Expiration--Accounts normally expire when you graduate.

Security Policies

  1. Doors--Do not prop open the doors to the lab. The only time the door is propped open is when classes are being held in Room 478.

  2. Incident Reporting--Immediately report any suspicious activity/occurrence to the department front office, Bloomberg 366, 410-516-7346, or to Campus Security, 410-516-7777, if it is after business hours.

  3. Passwords--Passwords must meet a reasonable standard for security. Passwords should not contain any part of any username. They should not be dictionary words, in this language or another. Passwords should contain both capital and lowercase letters and non-alpha-numeric characters. Users must not share passwords. Users will not make written copies of their passwords. Users will not make attempts to subvert system security. Users should change their passwords often (at least monthly is recommended). Under no circumstances should a user leave a logged-in, unlocked terminal unattended.

  4. Copyright Policy--Users will not appropriate nor distribute copyrighted material for which they do not have legal rights using Department equipment. This includes via http, ftp or by incorrectly setting permissions, so as to allow widespread access.

  5. Security-related research/experimentation; Hacking--Any action taken by any user which that user has reason to believe may have an impact on the security of or which may result in a denial of service for any JHU system, or for any other system for which the user does not have authorized access, is forbidden on PUC Lab computers. This includes the writing/testing of exploit code, and any testing of known or suspected bugs. Such actions will be interpreted as malicious intent, and will be dealt with accordingly. Exploit code is defined as any script or program designed to make use of known bugs or functionality in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a system or to conduct a denial of service. Possession of exploit code is forbidden on PUC Lab computers.


  1. Enforcement--Users who do not comply with the above policies may have their accounts frozen, keys reclaimed, and possible legal or disciplinary action taken against them. Accounts will be unfrozen at the discretion of the systems staff.